“The world is a puzzle; no need to make sense out of it." - Socrates

27, జూన్ 2022, సోమవారం

మా ఆశ్రమం మొదలైంది - 2 (కొన్ని ఫోటోలు)


Plants are our first priority

Plantation of Ficus Religiosa plant by our Secretary and his wife

Nataraju doing planting

Sunil tying the plant to a supporting stick


Women power

Shaktis of our organisation

Shaktis of our organisation

Our board

Women disciples at work

The Bodhi Tree

Our President (PSF India) watering the plant

Software engineers doing labour

Group in action

Releasing Savitri Upaniahad from Ashram

Our makeshift residence for two days

Our secretary (PSF India) Murty, the One man army of our Ashram.

Group Photo near the board

Me watering the plant

At Jillellamudi

View from our house in Jillellamudi

Clouds enroute

Felicitating Murty and Sandhya for their unforgettable services

Group Photo

Opening the gate

Entering the Ashram land holding the photo of Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda

Kottapatnam Beach

Offering Naivedyam to Dikpalakas near the west side border near pond

Dikpalaka Prayer

Our Board

Speaking in the opening ceremony

Dikpalaka Prayer

Offering Naivedyam to Dikpalakas

Kottapatnam Beach near Ongole

God looking at our Ashram from the sky

Sunset at our Ashram