“The world is a puzzle; no need to make sense out of it." - Socrates

20, ఫిబ్రవరి 2011, ఆదివారం

ఇండియా అండ్ ద రోల్ అఫ్ రాహు

This is a research article on the role of Rahu/Ketu in Indian Politics. This idea struck me when I was pondering over the close relation between the time of Indian Independence and the Kala-Sarpa-Yoga gripping the Lagna and seventh house of our Independence chart.

If we look back at the chronology of events from the time of Indian Independence, we see a strange influence of these two planets, especially that of Rahu, on the entire landscape that stretches before our imagination. It is not an exaggeration to say that our Nation has been under the octopus grip of Rahu and Ketu from the beginning. They are influencing our country's fate in a mysterious way right from the time of our independence. The fact that Rahu was sitting in Lagna of our Independence Chart cannot be overlooked by any means.

In any chart, be it personal or national, Rahu and Ketu play a very vital role. They can make or mar things by their magic. Their influence is very subtle and powerful. Their power holds sway over anyone very effectively.

In the Indian Independence chart, one peculiar thing that strikes me at the outset is, Rahu's positioning in Sun's star Krittika. Krittika is a fiery constellation ruled by Sun according to Vimsottari Dasa Scheme. Sun represents the Ruler. Hence we can deduct from this peculiar combination, that the Rulers will never be able to escape from unwanted influences. They can never be able to offer to this country, good governance free from corruption.

The terrible nature of these two shadowy planets is well known to the students of Jyotish. So, I need not repeat them here. However I will try to highlight a few of them. Wars and scams are under the control of Rahu. He can throw a person or a nation into scandals, scams, wars, bomb blasts and terrorist attacks. His schemes are very subtle and dangerous. Such is his power over human affairs that he can burn anything to dust in a trice. He is a dreadful planet. He was bestowed by the Lord Almighty, the power to play havoc with individuals as well as Nations.

Coming to the point, if we look at the important 'bad' landmarks in our modern history, we can immediately spot the influence of Rahu during such periods. Some of them are shown below:

1962-October:War with China.

Communist China attacked India
and the war lasted for a month from 20-10-1962 to 20-11-1962. Everyone knows very well, what a price we had to pay in our war with China. It was a humiliation to the entire nation. If we look at the chart of India, we can see that,India was running Saturn/Rahu/Moon/Rahu at that time.

Now, Moon is Lord of Vikrama Sthana, our place of valour. Our feeling of invincibility was proved to be a myth by the Chinese aggression and the entire Nation felt betrayed by our leaders. Saturn is 9th and 10th lord, usually a Yogakaraka to this Lagna, representing the ruling leaders and the Government. Rahu influencing both Saturn and Moon gives a picture of bad planning, over confidence in imaginary principles, closing our eyes in front of hard reality, day dreaming in emotional level and escapist attitude. Ultimately, what happened at that time is History now. We can see how Rahu played his clever role and decided the matter to the detriment of our Nation, overruling both Saturn and Moon. The only saving grace was the Dasa of Saturn who is Yogakaraka for Vrishabha Lagna. That is how we could come out of a difficult situation with a bitter lesson and a blue eye. However, going by the current events it is hard to believe that we have learned any lesson at all.

1965 (August 5 - September 22):-India-Pakistan war.

Though we won large territories of Pakistan and reached very close to Lahore,we could gain nothing out of our victory. Even today,we are paying the price of this war. Pakistan won some parts of Kashmir during this war and the Pyre of Ravana has been burning since then. India was running Saturn/Jupiter/Rahu/Venus at that time. Jupiter was the 8th lord of losses in 6th house of enemy. This planetary period has inflicted heavy losses to the enemy, no doubt. However, we could gain little from our victory, because of Jupiter being a malefic planet to this Lagna and also because of the influence of Rahu who always favours the Muslim nations. From all this, I am led to think that though we won the war against Pakistan, we lost it in reality, because we are still paying the price in the form of a burning Kashmir. During this Dasa also, we can again see the influence of Rahu that decided the matter against India,though at a subtle level.

India-Pakistan war December 3-16, 1971:-

Bangladesh was created during this period.India was running Mercury/Sun/Sun dasha at this time. I stated in the beginning that Rahu was sitting in Sun's star. So again, Rahu's influence here was indirect, discreet and clandestine. It acted through the agency of Sun, i.e the rulers. Though Bangladesh was created as a result of this war and we thought our enemy has become powerless, the reality showed up differently. Bangladesh has become a threat in the long run and we had to face much trouble from this country in the form of infiltrators and terrorists. As Mercury is intellectual in nature, the threat posed from this country is not direct, but more diplomatic and cunning. Here too, we can see Rahu's clandestine and devastating role.

The Indian Emergency from 25-6-1975 to 21-3-1977

This was termed by historians as a dark period in the history of our country. The wonder of wonders is --- this happened exactly during Mercury/Rahu period. Rahu antar dasha ran from March 1975 to September 1977. We can see how exactly this Rahu Antara ushered the state of Emergency in our country. So here too, we can notice the power and influence of Rahu on the affairs of India.

The period of Large Scale Scams

Now again, we are running the period of Sun/Rahu from November 2010 to September 2011. Any one can see for himself, how many scams involving looting of public money are surfacing now. It seems the entire National Treasure is being looted and deposited in foreign banks, leaving the millions of this country in dire distress. It appears that the Citizens of India are born to be cheated continuously by their rulers, generation after generation.

What more proof is needed to say clearly and concisely--the hour of Rahu is at hand again. Behold, those who have eyes to see.?