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19, మే 2017, శుక్రవారం

Saturn in Sagittarius - Religious Reforms

(A research article by D.Vamsi Krishna)

Saturn in Sagittarius - Religious reforms & resurgence sa

We have seen in the news people talking about Talaq (of muslim community) very recently...ofcourse it may look as an election stunt before elections in UP around january (pre election campaign) as UP has large population of muslims.
The celestial planetary changes impacted at large on the need of reforms in the religious beliefs or customs of humans at macro level.
as Sagittarius a sign indicates religious matters Saturn entered Sagittarius 27 Jan 2017....

Religion and all institutions dealing with religious or spiritual matters is one of the signification of Sagittarius.

Below is the changes happened in religious matters across many countries in the world 

Religious freedom changes in 1989 proposed amendment in America

In India The Religious Institutions (Prevention of Misuse) Act 1988 made changes w.r.t to religous institutions.

Religious tensions between 1988-1990 (muslims-hindus) over Rama janma bhoomi issue by VHP (a religious institution)
Ram Rath yatra - political religious march 25 Sep 1990-30 Oct 1990

In Bangladesh - State religion of republic is Isalm from 7 June 1988 (before that country was secular republic)

In Turkey many reforms in Muslim Divorce law ( 12 May 1988)

In Malaysia, in 1988 many amendments made in Islamic family law 

In Iran, many ideological changes by fatwa and constitution in Jan 1988 (a muslim country)

In Philippines(muslim populated country( family code revised in view of islam in Aug 1988

In England, changes in 1988 Education Reform act, the act required "broadly christian" acts of worship in schools (England)

The Constitution Alteration (Rights and Freedoms) 1988 was proposed legislation that was put to referendum in the Australian referendum, 1988. The legislation sought to enshrine in the Australian constitution various civil rights, including freedom of religion, rights in relation to trials, and rights regarding the compulsory acquisition of property.

In Tunisia changes in law on mosques (1988)

The Abuja Declaration is the name  issued after the Islam in Africa conference held in Abuja, Nigeria between 24 and 28 November 1989. The conference was organised by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (at that time called the Organisation of Islamic Conference) and it agreed to set up the Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO)
1958-1961 Saturn in Sagittarius

Islamic resurgence swept across most of the Muslim world in the 1960s
Brunei darussalam country <> With the constitution in 1959, Islam became the official religion of the country
tibetian religious leader fled to india from tibet on chinas attack over tibet in 1959
january 1959 churches were in trouble fidel castro in cuba <> by 1960 churches were closed and christmas banned 
Mauritania adopted Islam Republic on 28 November 1968

Many amendments, adoption of religious and family matters linked to religion occurred when Saturn transited Sagittarius so its no surprise that Talaq been discussed now a days.